About Us

SST are a leading supplier of adjuvants and spray additives to the agricultural and turf markets of New Zealand

Since its incorporation in 1991, SST have commercialised over 60 products, and have established a strong and market leading position in all key Agricultural markets, including Arable, Pasture, Horticulture, Viticulture and Turf.

Our state of the art, custom built manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia opened in 2017, allowing us to focus on providing a 100% ANZ manufacturing footprint to our customers.

SST Build

SST Site in Dandenong

Partnering with Monash University, SST’s Innovation Centre in the Monash’s ‘Green Chemical Futures’ building ensures we continue to be at the forefront of research and development, continuing our strong history of introducing market leading, innovative products to our customers.

Monash Axieo Innovation Centre
Monash University Green Chemical Futures Building, housing SST’s Innovation Centre

Forming an integral part of parent company Axieo’s agile and nimble approach to business, SST have a firm commitment to working alongside farmers, spray operators and agronomists in the understanding and selection of appropriate adjuvants and spray additives.