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WETOUT – the new generation non-ionic surfactant standard

WETOUT – the new generation non-ionic surfactant standard

WETOUT® – the new generation non-ionic surfactant standard.

For decades BS1000 has been the leading non-ionic surfactant standard across Australia and New Zealand. After extensive research, SST has developed a new standard – a new generation non-ionic surfactant ‘Wetout®’. Wetout® is a unique proprietary formulation of vegetable based surfactants that improves efficacy in every aspect while reducing unwanted negatives such as drift.

Benefits of using Wetout® include;

  • Superior Spreading
    – Better coverage
  • Better Deposition
    – More product on the target
  • Less Drift
    – Less loss and better compliance
  • Increased Efficacy
    – Less weeds
  • Increased Versatility
    – Less products needed
  • Low User Rates
    – Less handling and storage, very cost effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
    – Biodegradable

Read more about this fantastic new product here, and please contact your local representative for more information.


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Read more about SST’s South Island Key Account Manager Geoff Booth here, as well as our exciting new product Eradicate! As published in the Ashburton Guardian’s January edition.


SST Export to China

While many businesses are looking towards winding down for the Christmas break, SST is just getting started. This month we hit a big milestone – we proudly sent our first shipment of product to China.

Entering a new market with agricultural adjuvants takes considerable work behind the scenes. The strength, diversity and quality of the SST business was the natural driver behind our focus to grow into China, and our distribution partner, Xi’an Raylinn Agricultural Science and Technology Co Ltd, has allowed us to focus in major agricultural provinces with key customers looking for quality Australian produced technologies.

In further developments, SST has engaged the global expertise of British Columbia based field consultant, Ashley Freeman to conduct trials for Waiken™ in the Yunnan Province with local orchard and vineyard growers to help them provide greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity. Sophistication of the Chinese Agricultural market continues to develop and SST is at the forefront.

Businesses that export are more profitable, more productive, and have stronger growth prospects, and at SST we are looking forward to not only being a trusted partner in Australia and New Zealand, but in China and beyond.

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Maintain Premium Quality Turf with SST Wetting Agents

Maintain Premium Quality Turf with SST Wetting Agents

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